Maybe I should have stayed in bed

I managed to get out to the range nice and early today in order to get in some practice ahead of Thursday Night Steel and make another entry into The Quest For C Class.

Bad mistake. 

First, the red mist descended once again and I totally blew the Dot Torture drill. 44/50, and no, no picture of the results. It’s my own darn fault, as I could tell I was jerking the trigger again, and I know that’s because I haven’t been putting in my dry-fire time as of late. 

And it went downhill from there. 

I thought I’d at least salvage some of the practice session by shooting some El Presidenté drills, but on my very first attempt I forgot to take a spare mag with me to shooting box. Hoping to learn something from that mental error, I looked down to see what my time was on the first six shots and I realized the Surefire shot timer on my brand-new iPhone 4 hadn’t picked up the shots and given me a score. I put my phone right next to the pistol and shot multiple times, but It turns out that the noise-cancelling microphone on the iPhone4 works so well, it makes all the shot timer apps out there obsolete


And then, on top of that, I started to put away my CZ75, and I noticed that my front sight was nowhere to found. Sometime during the failed El Presidenté and the attempts to get the timer working, the front sight had worked it’s way out of the dovetail and zoomed off into space. 

Maybe I should take up needlepoint or something. 

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