Fast Cars and Freedom

The Arizona Rifleman expounds upon the logical connection between personal freedom and personal transportation, and mentions one of my all-time favourite shows, Top Gear.

While it may be difficult to find practical alternatives for long-distance transportation like the Eurostar (though one can make it from the Guildford, UK to Monte Carlo by ferry and car before a train can get you there, according to Top Gear), there’s really no excuse to not have one’s own local transportation. 

What good is the right to bear arms if you can’t go more than a mile from your house because of a bus strike? And what’s the point of the right to free speech if you just walk around shouting out your anger at life’s many injustices inside the walls of your home? 

To borrow from A.E. van Vogt, the right to personal transportation is the right to be free. 

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