What you can’t train

Consider this stage at last week’s match. 

Pretty simple, right? Two targets whilst standing, and then a few targets from a crouch. 

But what if you wanted to engage the first two targets from a crouch, and by doing so, send a few rounds over the berm and into other ranges? 

There’s not a range in the country that’ll allow you do this, but could something like that happen in a self-defense situation? 


What about two targets in front, one to the left and one to the right, and another attacker behind? The list of ranges with a 360º bay that allows this type of scenario is real short, but it seems like a pretty likely self-defense scenario. 

Knowing what you can and can’t train for seems to be something that isn’t talked about much in the firearms community, but we need to know our limitations before and not during the times when we need it most. 

“Know thy enemy, know thyself, and you will be invincible.” 

– SunTzu

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