100 rounds

Caleb posted his quick and dirty practice routine, and I thought I’d post mine as well. The difference is, he probably shoots his routine a whole lot more frequently than I shoot mine. 🙂

50 Rounds – Dot Torture Drill
Hate, hate, HATE this drill, but I love it because it shows just how bad/good I really am.

24 Rounds – El Presidenté x2
It’s stood the test of time for a reason: It’s a good drill for practicing transitions, target acquisition and reloading under the clock, and it’s a good yardstick to judge my progress over time.

30 Rounds – Ken Hackathorn Defensive Drill
All-around defensive practice for (anti-) social situations.

Ok, so that’s 104 rounds and not 100. I never claimed to be a math major. 🙂