Next steps

My shooting goals for next year: 

  1. Compete in at least one match a month. Some of you ready this are saying “Just one?! Slacker!”, but with two small boys in the house and a busy social calendar, that’s about the best I can do. Practical shooting is my hobby, not my life.
  2. In addition to this, go through my practice routine OR shoot the .22 match at Rio each month.
  3. Compete in the Superstition Mountain Mystery Three Gun (pretty much a given at this point). 
  4. Take a stab at B Class by the end of the year. I shot a 54.79% my last time through a Classifier, so this is a goal within my reach. 
  5. Shoot the Desert Classic again, and if it’s in B Class, so much the better. 
  6. Buy a .45 Auto. It’s America. I should own one. Plus I want to shoot in the Western States Single Stack Classic next year. 

More …