Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition

Not to beat a dead llama, but I had a moment of clarity about open carry today while driving on the freeway. 

I was cut off in traffic by a small car with a “Jesus Fish” sticker on it, driven by a young lady who then proceeded to cut across two more lanes of traffic in her quest to enter the fast lane, where she immediately slowed down and jammed up traffic in that lane. 

At that moment, I didn’t see her as a person who shares the same faith and belief system I do, I saw her as a rude and possibly unsafe driver.

This is why I don’t have a “Jesus Fish” on my car: I know how bad I drive, and any statement I can make about my faith with such a sticker will almost immediately be over-ruled by my driving habits. 

And this is why I don’t open carry, and why it is so important for those who do open carry to act nicer than everyone else at all times. A person who open carries is an ambassador, a witness to firearms freedom, and if you are perceived as a jerk (or worse yet), ALL of the gun community is perceived as a threat. 

I realize that open carriers are on the front lines of a PR battle for restoring Second Amendment rights in the U.S., and that is why I support this issue. But just as I won’t let my faith be damaged by a dichotomy between how I drive and what my car looks like, I know my limits when it comes to how I portray the firearms community in public discourse.

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