Product Review : Leupold Mark AR 1.5-4x20mm Scope

I like competing in Tac Iron / Tac LImited in 3 Gun. I never served in the military, so it’s important to me to learn to shoot well without optics before I move on to Tac Scope. Also, I like the challenge: A 300 LaRue isn’t a difficult shot with an 8x scope, but with iron sights, it becomes a tough target to hit. Most importantly, though, the field in Tac Iron is smaller, making the trip to the prize table a little bit better. 🙂 


I also want to get started in hunting (more on that later), and I wanted to use my competition AR as a coyote rifle, and that meant adapting it for a scope. 

From this:

To this:

Using this

A few thoughts. 

1. The Leupold scope is *amazing*. 10+ years making a living as a photographer taught me what to look for in a piece of glass, and Leupold has it what it takes. I originally was looking at a Millet DMRS scope, but the Leupold is less money, clearer and brighter and is made in the USA. At 1.5x to 4x power it’s wide enough to use as a primary optic for short-range work and yet powerful enough to reach out and touch distant targets. Brownell’s has them for under $300, and they may be the best value in optics out there right now.

2. The Samson pop-up sights are ok: They’re better than the Magpul BUIS’s I had before but not as good as dedicated fixed iron sights. They’ll do the job, but the countdown has begun until I start shooting Tac Scope from here on out.

3. The Mounting Solutions Fiber Optic Front Post was a bit of a disappointment. The fiber optic is easy to pick up, but installing it was a *nightmare*. The supplied detent wasn’t tall enough to hold the post securely, and some quality time with a lathe and file was required to make it work right. Clearer instructions and a better installation guide would have helped a lot with this process. 

4. The Warne Mounts are fantastic. I sighted in the scope first, then detached it to get a 50 yard zero with the Samson sights, then re-attached the scope to see if it held zero. 
And it did.

Not bad for 100 yards, especially for me. 

5. MGM doesn’t make a throw lever for this model Leupold scope yet, but the lever for the VX-III seems to work just fine with a rubber band providing a little extra snugness.

Bottom line:
If you’re looking for a quality, inexpensive scope for competition or close-range hunting from a name-brand manufacturer, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better value than the new Leupold 1.5x-4x AR scope. 

Warne mounts RULE. Easily worth the price

The Samson Flip Up sights work for what they’re meant to do, but they’re not as good as dedicated iron sights. 

The Mounting Solutions front post works, but it is a struggle to install. 

See you on the range. 

FTC Disclaimer: Brownell’s Inc. provided the scope, but the rest of the items I won fair and square.