A New National Match

Looks like the NRA wants to jump on board the 3 gun bandwagon

“Here is our guide for the inaugural National Defense Match, debuting at the National Championships in Camp Perry this year during the High Power Rifle Competition. This is a standalone championship, and the Course of Fire utilized in the match is one we hope that clubs across the country will utilize once they see how exciting it can be. What sets apart this match from other NRA Competitive Shooting disciplines is the fact that it is designed to mimic real-life training and tactics. Rifles must be on your person and slung round your shoulder when not in use … just like our Armed Forces stationed across the world are required to do.” 

And the rulebook is 8 (count ’em!) pages long, which is a nice change from the IDPA and USPSA DungeonMaster’s Guides rulebooks. 

Some high points from the rulebook FAQ: 

  • The majority of the Course of Fire for the National Defense Match takes places at short ranges, closely mimicking real world scenarios.  
  • A 500 yard range is NOT required to run a NDM match. For instance to run a NDM out to 100 yards just use the COF of 7, 15, 30, 60 and 100 yards. If you have a 500 yard range then shoot the COF out to the distance you feel applicable to your competitor base. 
  • A no muzzling/sweeping policy will always be in effect, and empty chamber indicators are required.  
  • The target NDM 5-120 is used at 7, 15, and 30 yards then switch to a full sized NRA D-1 tombstone (or equivalent) for 60 yards or more. 
  • The only other equipment needed is a shot timer, target stands and a barricade. The target stands and barricade are easily made from materials available through your local hardware store.  See Figure 1. 
  • The point of this match is readiness and with that theme this match will be administered differently than other matches currently running. 

I love the Rifle/Shotgun matches at Rio, but they take up most of a Saturday. This looks like a quick, cheap and easy-to-run alternative to a bigger, more complicated match. Here’s hoping this match soon shows up at a range near you.

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