Poor showing

Hi, my name’s ExurbanKevin, and I don’t like going to gun shows.

No, really.

I bought my CZ75 at a gun show, and I went to another a few years back to drum up some side jobs, but other than that, I don’t particularly enjoy gun shows.


Guns are tools, and I can’t really see going to a show to look at tools. And no, I don’t like “Home and Garden” shows either. Also, I don’t like looking at things I won’t ever, ever, own. And although I’m as gergarious as the next ENFP, I don’t like the crush of crowds. And with the wide variety of online gun and gun accessory stores, there’s no real reason (for me) to go to a gun show. I’m not a collector and I’m not in the market for anything right now, so I don’t have an o’erwhleming need to go to gun show, both now and in the future.