Two hits to the body Thetan, one to the head.

As I said earlier, I’m at FrontSight this week for a Four Day Defensive Handgun class. 


1. Price. Class fees, ammo, lunches, hotels, gas, for FrontSight all add up to less than the class fees alone for other big gun schools. Yes, FrontSight ain’t GunSite, but not everyone goes to Harvard for their undergrad degree. 

2. Curiousity. Most of the online reviews of FrontSight start off with something like “I’ve not done any training before but…” or “I was in the military twenty years ago and…”. I’ve not seen a review done by someone who’s made defensive pistol shooting their passion for a significant amount of time, and I figure, why not me? 

3. Practice. Hey, what’s the worst that can happen? I put 600 rounds downrange, and don’t get any better. Worst case, I spend four days shooting. Eek. 

4. Skepticism: Bad internet marketing, rumours of vacation home pitches and Scientology aside, what is FrontSight really like?

I’m also curious to see what they’ve changed since they’ve opened. Paraphrasing Rob Pincus, if you’re not changing how you teach, you’re not learning, and you’re not teaching your students effectively as a result. 

I figure if it sucks, I’ll have done a big service to the gunblog community by falling on a grenade for all of you. If it doesn’t, I’ll come of out it better prepared to defend my family.