Number 9. Number 9. Number 9.

The first gun I bought for daily carry was a Sccy CPX-1, a knockoff of the Kel-Tec P-11. 

Yeah, I know. The way I see it, though, I was WAY ahead of the pocket 9mm craze. I also bought a P3AT long before the LCP came out. What can I say, I’m a early adopter…

Why did I buy a subcompact 9mm? 

1. Weight. 16 or so rounds of 9mm in a compact pistol weighs more than 11 rounds in a tiny little subcompact. It does’t seem like a whole lot, but after 8+ hours, it begins to add up. 

2. Size. I can sorta pocket carry the Sccy in cargo pants, and it’s very easy to carry in an IWB when I’m wearing jeans. My P-07, while smaller than my full-size CZ75, still needs a SuperTuck in order to be comfortable for daily carry.

3. Oomph. As I said, I have a P3AT, but it is, after all, .380 ACP. Given the choice, I want more rounds of a more powerful cartridge with me. 

As Caleb notes, the subcompact 9mm is to the Wonder Nine what the snub-nosed .38 was to the venerable service revolver. It’s the same manual of arms, and more importantly, it gives you 80% of your big gun at a big savings in weight and size and not that much of a difference in speed or accuracy.

Subcompact nines are the scout rifle of handguns: They’re the CCW gun to have if you can have only one.