Chicks with guns

Shelley nails it here.

If you look at a lot of the products that are successfully marketed toward women, whether it be a soap, make up or running shoes (Nike does a great job of this) you’ll find that there are lifestyle campaigns that go hand in hand. Many companies collect inspirational stories about their products or provide communities to discuss the lifestyle that goes with the product. That is showing respect and showing commitment, it is more than just a product with features, it’s a product that can and wants to be part of your life. 

I’d add something that came up in a discussion with the (female) Director of Operations at a local indoor range. She said most women think of gun ranges like they would a strip club: It’s a male-only place with something vaguely unsettling and probably morally wrong going on inside.

This isn’t helped by the fact that the layout and merchandising of most stores are NOT women-friendly. A poster of the latest AR variant that’s built from the ground up to kill zombies and has rails on top of it’s rails may appease the Call of Duty crowd, but it will scare an already-scared single mother right out the door. Good marketers understand that they are very rarely their own target market. 

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