Help those who help

The guy who jumped in to help a woman in distress that I mentioned last month needs some help

Jerold Garrison, 33, was on his way home from the store, riding his bike along 48th Street near Virginia when he came upon a woman being mugged. 

Misti Chambers, Garrison’s fiancee, was waiting for him to arrive home the night of April 18th but he never showed. 

Chambers would later learn, Garrison tried to fight off the woman’s attacker and was shot as a result. 

Chambers tells ABC15 the bullet hit Garrison in the back of the neck and exited through his mouth. 

The shooter ran off and, according to investigators, hasn’t been seen since. 

Garrison, meantime, has endured three surgeries and Chambers said it’s unknown whether he’ll ever wake up. 

She’s trying to be strong for their three young children. 

If you’d like to help, you can donate at any Chase Bank location in the Valley. 

The account number is 46511801

That right there is the very definition of a worthy cause. 

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