What a good email looks like

I’ve recently been spending some of my ill-gotten booty revenue from GunUp ads on eBay, buying things like my Bushnell TRS-1 and the like, so I was pleasantly surprised to see this in my Inbox last week. 


This is what a good email campaign looks like. eBay knows what I bought in the past, so they believe that I might be likely to buy things like rangefinders and other hunting stuff. They’re not shotgunning their offers, they’re targeting their offers based on past customer behaviour.

Unfortunately, they’re wrong in this instance because I’m more in Gun Culture 2.0 (CCW) than I am in Gun Culture 1.0 (Hunting), but the ideas and the methodology are still valid. The data is there, all that firearms-related websites need to do is connect the dots and make the offers. 

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