Hey! Did you hear there’s a new gun group in town?

Yeah, me neither.

If you subscribe to The Outdoor Wire, you may have seen last week that Todd Jarrett, Steve Hornady and others have formed “The Armed Citizens Alliance“. 

And I got to be honest, I’m a little underwhelmed. I am SMACK dab in the middle of the target demographic for this organization, and here’s what my $25/year gets me

– ACA members will have access to the “Members Only” sections of the ACA website, which will include:

– “Practice & Confidence Scenarios” that can be run at members’ own shooting venues or local clubs and ranges.

– Links to providers of authorized concealed carry permit classes nationwide.

– Links to other organizations and individuals who offer structured firearms training nationwide.

– Access to the ACA Members Store for exclusive ACA logo merchandise and concealed-carry garments and equipment.

These website sections will grow and develop over coming weeks and months.

ACA members will also have access to the website’s ACA Forums, where they can discuss and receive feedback on:

– All things relevant to concealed carry

– All things relevant to practice, training, and preparation for personal & home defense.

– All things relevant to the Armed Citizen Alliance in general.

– Only ACA members may access the ACA Forums, post messages, ask questions, start threads, or make replies.

That’s nice. This differs from The High Road or anyone of ten thousand Internet gun forums and blogs… how? 

If Todd or representatives of their partner organizations are going to show up on the forums as experts or something similar, than yeah, maybe $25 a year is worth it because that’s something I can’t get anywhere else, but message boards on concealed carry and personal defence ain’t exactly a scarce commodity these days. The ACA is going to have to dig deep to come up with reasons for people to dig into their pocketbooks and join up, and I hope they’re successful in doing just that.