Now that I’ve fixed the blog issues…

I’ll be away from things for the next couple of days as I sort out work and side work and family life. 

I have a couple of big side projects in the pipe, (a new site for my dojo, a re-make of TrainMeAz and a series of sites for a prominent local firearms attorney) and I’m going camping this weekend with my boys and bringing along a .22: It’s high time they take their first shots with a real gun. 

Next week, look for my first impressions on the Smith and Wesson Shield, a re-test of the Pocket Nine vs. Pocket .380 vs. Compact Nine test, and more of the usual blather. 

Oh, and big shout-outs to  ExurbanSteve for wrestling the GoDaddy bug to the ground and to Capitalist Pig of Great Satan Inc. for his WordPress expertise.