Me … Smith … and Wesson

First impressions of the Smith And Wesson M&P Shield 9mm…

Well, right off the bat, I was expecting it to come a lockable plastic pistol case. Instead, it’s packaged not unlike a pair of shoes.

Inside was a lock, a fired casing, the usual paraphernalia, the Shield and two magazines; an 8 round mag with an extended basepad, and a smaller 7 round mag.

A few first impressions:

  • The trigger pull measured 8.5 lbs, and it’s decent striker-fired trigger: No grit, no stacking, a discernable break and, unlike a lot of other M&P’s, a noticeable reset.
  • It feels fantastic (and this is coming from someone who regularly shoots a CZ75, which is known for it’s ergonomics): The gun points well, as no discernible rough spots to tear up your hands, and fits well into my little skinny girly hands.
  • The sights are… ok. Never been a big fan of three dot sights (although they’re better than the party favor sights that a Glock comes with). I’ll be looking to swap these out with some night sights (or better yet) a combination tritium/fiber optic sight in the near future.
  • It’s skinny. Skinnier than my Sccy, but shaped a little different, which means all the holsters I have for my Sccy won’t work with the Shield.

Let’s talk about that last one for a bit. Here’s the Shield in a pocket holster that fits my Sccy like a glove.

That ain't gonna work

Nope. Not with that exposed trigger, at least. While the Sccy and Shield are shaped similarly, there are differences.

sccy CPX-1, S&W Shield

The Shield is a bit taller and longer and therefore only fits into the pockets of cargo shorts and the like, whereas I could kinda sorta pocket carry the Sccy in a pair of dress pants.

Next up, spending some quality time together.

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