Teaching your kids to shoot

My sons are six and nine now, and they’ve shown themselves to be old enough and mature enough to get behind the trigger. So this weekend, during a camping trip to the Mogollon Rim, I brought a Crossman BB gun and my AR with a .22 adapter and they got to fire a gun “for real”.

Two boys and dad's guns in the woods

Why these guns? They’ve shot the BB gun in our backyard before and enjoyed it, so I wanted to bring along something they’re already familiar with, and the AR is my lightweight upper AR with a Brownell’s .22 adapter, which I brought because it had a bipod and a red dot on it. I wanted something that would fit them (the AR’s collapsable stock suited that well), was easy to shoot (.22LR in an AR has almost no recoil) and something that would give them the immediate gratification of hitting the target. I’ll leave the sight picture and breath control discussions for a later day: Today was all about having fun with guns.

There’s a bunch of opinions about what makes a good first gun for a young kid and I’ll read up them over the next few months as Christmas approaches (shockingly, I’m leaning towards a CZ. Go figure). But for now, I’ll be content with creating memories like this.

I like it!