Gun Culture 2.0, Internet Zero

I pretty much agree 100% with this post about Gun Culture 2.0 over at Human Events Online by Richard Johnson of the excellent BlueSheepDog blog (via Sebastian), including, sadly, this last paragraph. 

Others, however, have not made any moves to change with the times. I fear that some of those companies will not survive. I overheard two executives from a major firearms company discussing the internet culture in the airport after the SHOT Show this year. It was obvious they had no idea how to approach the new crop of gun owners so they were trying to convince themselves that they didn’t matter. I wonder if those two used to sell typewriters or pagers?

I’ve written at length on how gun companies just don’t “get” the internet, so it’s nice to see that thinking bubble up into the larger media, at last. 

The old model for gun culture tended to be: 

  1. Father teaches son(s) to hunt. Maybe the daughter, too, if she’s the tomboy type. 
  2. Sons grow up hunting. 
  3. Personal defense training for civilians was done by cops, if ever.
  4. Wash, rinse, repeat. 

The Gun Culture 1.0 broke down for a number of reasons, including the urbanization of the U.S. and single-parent families becoming the norm, and Gun Culture 2.0 reflects that fact, as well as the fact that in today’s media environment, the deer now have guns. Some companies get that, some don’t. The ones that do will own the future.