Same planet, different worlds

I found the difference in messaging and demographic target in these two ads to be endlessly fascinating. 

Which one is the more effective ad? Well, they both are. They’re targeting two completely different groups of people with their message, and while “My Glock gives me confidence to live my life” treads a little too close to Dr. Freud’s territory for my liking (Do golfers who use Ping Zing II’s ever say “My 5 iron gives me the confidence to live my life”? I doubt it.), the fact is, it’s NICE to see USPSA being used by a gun company to sell ads. 

And the Shield ad is brilliantly targeted on Gun Culture 2.0. No slow motion panning shots of a father and son in camo, just ordinary people going about their everyday lives with a small 9mm nearby. Even though the style is totally different than the Glock spot, the message is still aimed at the new breed of gun owners who see practical pistol competition, personal defense and concealed carry as the reasons to own guns, not hunting or target practice.