Fifteenth Report

I took a day off for some personal stuff and to have one last chance at a practice run before the 25th Annual USPSA Area 2 Championship (and boy, did I need it).

Here’s where a photo of how I did on the Dot Torture Drill should go, but not today. 

Why? Because I stunk up the joint, that’s why. I mean i was under 40 points on it, at 5 yards away. This is… bad. 


I got better at it as I progressed from dot to dot, so there might be some hope for me yet. 

El Presidenté Drills

  CZ75 1 CZ75 2 CZ75 3 Shield 1 Shield 2
Target 1 A3D A2CD 4A 3AM 3AD
Target 2 A2CD 3AC 4A 2A2C 3AC
Target 3 2C2D 3AC 3AC 3AC 3AC
Time 7.90 7.93 10.92 13.22 14.05
A’s 2 7 11 8 9
C’s 4 4 1 3 2
D’s 6 1      
Misses         1
Total Points 28 48 58 39 52
Score 3.54 6.05 5.31 2.95 3.70
Draw 2.04 1.88 2.37 2.82 2.91
Reload 2.51 2.24 2.70 5.2 5.02
Avg. Split 0.34 0.35 0.55 0.46 0.46

Actually, I did pretty ok on these with the CZ75, and I did the Shield runs with the Crossbreed and my horizontal mag pouch/tactical Blackberry case because there just ain’t a whole lot of choices when it comes to mag pouches for S+W Shield right now. 

My scores with the Shield were terrible compared to my USPSA Production CZ75, of course, but when I compare them to what I shot with a Sccy CPX-1 back in April, things get interesting… 

 04/06/12 Sccy 1 Sccy 2
Target 1 3AC 2ACD
Target 2 3AC 3AB
Target 3 2ACD 2A2C
Time 15.19 15.01
A’s 8 7
B’s   1
C’s 2 3
D’s 1 1
Points 47 48
Score 3.10 3.20
Draw 2.65 2.94
Reload 5.1 3.34
Average Split 0.74 0.87

My split times are faster with the Shield than they are with the Sccy, and my draw is about the same. One of the reloads with the Sccy was faster because I can use a regular ol’ mag pouch with the Sccy’s double-stack mags, and the other is the same ’cause I blew the reload on the Sccy practice run. 🙂 

I got the Shield because I was worrying about the reliability of the Sccy as a daily carry gun, but it turns out not only is it more reliable, it shoots better, too. 

… and that about does it for content for me for this week. Tune in next week for a comprehensive wrap-up of Area 2.