Because the light belongs to us

… so after reading your gracious comments about everyday carry flashlights, I went with a Streamlight AAA Microstream.


  • Size. The durn thing is TINY, yet has a clip for carrying in a shirt or pants pocket
  • Power. At 20 lumens, it’s a bit shy of the 70+ I originally asked for, but it’s enough to light up a house from the other side of the street
  • Cost. If I lose it or it gets trashed rubbing up against my keys for months on end, it’s no biggie
  • Flexibility. It takes one AAA alkaline or lithium battery, which means I can find replacement batteries at any convenience store around the world

So how does it compare against my other lights?
Size-wise, it’s much handier than my Photon Micro II, which always seems to get lost on my keychain, yet it’s much more compact than a AA MagLite. That clip allows me to carry it in a pocket, which means I always know where it is when I need it.


And light-wise, it out-performs the Photon. The setup for these shots is the same as last time, a tripod-mounted Nikon D70 set on ISO 400, f5.6, 1 sec, 18-70mm lens at 35mm, shooting a grey cinder block wall 12 feet away.

Photon Micro II

Streamlight MicroStream

Not bad.

I also have a couple of other new lights, a UTG Deluxe Tactical rail-mounted light and a Crimson Trace Railmaster (on loan from Great Satan Inc.), which I’ll be using in an upcoming night-time Carbine/Pistol match at Rio next month.

UTG Deluxe Tactical

Crimson Trace Railmaster


That cheap little UTG light isn’t half-bad. Sure, it may not take a beating like a high-end Surefire, but for under $30, it’ll do the job. Compare it to a $75 Insight xenon light.

That’ll work.

The Crimson Trace light, on the other hand, doesn’t send out a beam, but rather washes everything with an even light that dies out around 50 feet, which is as far as you’d want to make a pistol shot in the dark anyways.

I’m pretty happy with these new lights, and want to thank everyone who pitched in some advice and helped me decide which one to get.

And yes, the title of the post is a Patti Smith reference.

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