Kel-Tec does something completely different. Again.

The company that came out with a pocket .380 and a mini 9mm loooong before those guns were cool has re-imagined the defensive flashlight.

Almost a good idea

The small size of the CL-43 makes it possible to hold and operate parallel with a handgun without impairing a conventional two handed hold. If required, and with some training, the light can be operated one-handed together with the gun. 

The unique features of the CL-43 include:

  • Superior ergonomics due to the forward facing push button switch.
  • Small size. Can be enclosed by one hand and operated in parallel with a handgun
  • Extreme light power. 420 lumens and an optimum beam angle.

Sounds neat.


“The switch is operated like the trigger on a gun, pointing the light as an extension of your arm. ” 

Ok stop.

Didn’t we have this discussion before with the SERPA? We know that having your trigger finger twitch while drawing your sidearm out of it’s holster is a bad idea? So why is having your middle finger of your gun hand or the trigger finger of your support hand flick a light on and off whilst your finger is on the trigger any less of a bad idea?

I’ll give full credit to Kel-Tec for thinking outside of the box on this one, but I can’t see it as something I’d but or recommend it as it’s designed now.