DVD Review – Make Ready With Michael Bane

CCW DVDWhen I went through my CCW class (back when a CCW class was required for discrete carry in Arizona), our class instructor told us that only one in three of us would take this CCW thing seriously and make it a part of our everyday lives. Getting those other two people to take their guns out from under the bed and carry them in the real world is the point of the Make Ready with Michael Bane – Concealed Carry DVD.

Michael Bane is a gunwriter and the host of several shooting shows on The Outdoor Channel. His DVD doesn’t start out with a bunch of tacticool “Rex Kwon Do” talk, but rather, it starts out with the fundamental question of concealed carry: Are you going to carry a pistol with you whenever and wherever it’s permitted? If not, then this DVD isn’t for you. But if you’ve decided that the safety of your loved ones is augmented when you carry a gun on a regular basis, then this DVD is an excellent primer on living with concealed carry.

If you’re a regular listener to his podcast, you’ll recognize a lot of the tips and techniques in the DVD. Michael’s not a fan of inside the waistband (IWB) holsters for concealed carry (I am), he likes compact/mini 9mm semi-autos for concealed carry (me too), and pays particular attention to training and the legal aspects of concealed carry (good).

The DVD is just under 3 hours long and is chock-full of good tips for people who’ve chosen to carry a sidearm everyday. If you know someone who’s just got their CCW and are wondering what’s next, it will help them get up to speed quickly on what’s out there to help them carry safely and consistently. If you’ve been carrying for awhile, you’ll find some good tips and be reminded again of what you already know.

There’s not a lot of “my way or the highway” advice here: The recommendations are either backed up with facts (stopping power vs. the followup shot) or clearly presented as a matter of opinion and it’s up to the viewer to decide what’s best for him or her. Compared to other DVD’s that I’ve watched where the hosts make sure you know just how hardcore they are, Michael’s presenting style is calm, laid-back and funny and his depth and breadth of experience do the talking for him.

The Make Ready – Concealed Carry DVD does an excellent job of giving people the information they need to begin to make decisions about how they are going to carry concealed. For the same price as a cheap holster, you’re going to get information you’ll need to save money and stay safe with a concealed handgun. At $40, it’s a great value and definitely recommended for shooters of all persuasions.