Match Report: Rio Salado Pistol/Rifle Night Match

Rio Salado Practical Shooting

The folks who run the monthly 3 Gun matches at my local range decided to put on a night-time rifle/pistol match to raise money for Toys For Tots, and they reached out to Crimson Trace for some prizes, who were kind enough to send out a dozen lasers of various types and Iain Harrison. 

The match was extraordinarily well-attended: We had 70+ shooters show up to shoot 4 stages, two rifle and two pistol. This became a problem because Rio has a club curfew of 9 pm, and most shooters weren’t able to finish the match. Myself, I shot both pistol stages, but time ran out as I was waiting to shoot the rifle stages.


But what I did shoot, I enjoyed, and even though my P07 decided to have major feed issues at that moment, the Crimson Trace Railmaster light I had on it worked flawlessly. Me? I didn’t work as flawlessly, I must admit, but it the match was a great reminder to me just how dark the night is (something we forget in the well-lit suburbs), and how confusing it can be when we’re not sure of where our next target is.  And on top of that, I got another chance to chat a bit with Iain, who’s just fun to be around, so it’s all good. 

Speaking of Iain, here’s him shooting Stage 2, an all-pistol stage. If the video looks dark and confusing, well, that’s because it was dark and confusing out there… 😀