Product Review: ATI Akita Adjustable Stock

ATI stock in boxAdvantages: Easy to use, adjusts nicely to different-sized shooters.

Disadvantages:  Confusing instructions. Also, zombies.

Rating: 4 out of 5

The last time my wife and I went to the range, she wouldn’t shoot the Mossberg 500 we have as a defensive long gun because she was uncomfortable holding it, much less firing it.

“Ah-ha!,” I says to myself, “We need an adjustable stock for this sucker!”

And that’s when things fell apart.

There is no lack of adjustable stocks for the Mossberg 500, but most of them involve a pistol grip and a sliding AR-style stock. Just try to flick the receiver-mounted safety on or off in under five minutes with one of those on your Mossie. I dare you.

Fortunately, there is an exception to this rule, the ATI Akita stock. However, Brownells only has it in a special “Zombie Hunter” edition.

Now I’ll confess that I jumped on the zombie bandwagon early, but I am so off it now. I don’t watch “The Walking Dead” and I’m not really looking forward to World War Z. But what the hey, I ordered it anyways. And it doesn’t look too bad.

Stock on gun

You only notice it’s zombies if you’re close up to it. Further away, it looks like Mossy Real Oak Tree or something else. And it was fairly easy to put on my gun, too, although the directions on how to take out the adjustment lever could have been clearer (“Remove adjustment lever. That’s nice. HOW??!!!”). A quick call to ATI cleared that up, (lever out the lever with a small screwdriver), but there was definitely some missing knowledge at that point. Also, it’d be nice if they’d print what tools are needed on the beginning of the instruction sheet: I needed a longer socket extension or screwdriver than what I had on-hand to reach the main attachment screw. Knowing I needed that kind of thing beforehand would have saved me a trip to big-box store.

The ATI Akita stock next to the stock stock

This is why I bought it. It’s as easy to adjust for length of pull as my collapsible AR stock, yet allows for easy manipulation of all the controls. We haven’t had a chance to try it out on the range yet, but test-fitting it at home, my wife says the Mossberg feels MUCH more comfortable now. And as an added bonus, the recoil pad is a full 1/4″ thicker, making it easier on the shoulder as well.

I’d recommend this stock to all Mossberg owners out there over the AR-style stocks, although they may want to think twice about the zombie styling. Fads like that can get old, quickly.