The voice of reason outside the room

The NRA has been locked out of Obama’s gun ownership “conversation”, and their response hits the perfect note

“(NRA President) Keene told Reuters: ‘I’m willing to talk to anybody. I’m willing to sit down with anybody up there.’ He added, though, that he would not agree to ‘gut’ gun rights.

‘I’m going to want to have a conversation about how we protect our children,’ he said. ‘That’s a serious conversation. Offering sort of feel-good bills doesn’t strike me as serious.'”

Bingo. Make THEM look like un-serious headline-grabbers (because they are). Make THEM look unreasonable (because they are). Make THEM look like they have an agenda outside of “protecting our children” (because they do). In the meantime, the rest of us will be taking steps to protect our children in and outside our schools.