Lie back and think of England (Updated x2)

Wait, did I really see this on Facebook? 

Disgusting doesn’t BEGIN to describe this. Shame on the “Coalition for the Removal of Assault Weapons” and the Bradys for suggesting that rape is no big deal. 

Update: Satire. Part of me is comforted it’s satire, part of me is troubled by the fact that it’s so hard to tell…

Update Part Deux: Nope, not satire.


Dear God in heaven, they really believe this. I think I just threw up in my mouth quite a lot. Thanks to commenter “Domingo” for the heads-up. 

P.S. And before the Bradys et al say that screenshot was manipulated, I ran the image that Domingo provided thru an online analysis tool designed to catch image manipulation. The verdict? The only things that have been added were the text. Try it for yourself with the initial screenshot