Focus on Combat Focus Shooting

As I said last month, I’m taking a two-day Combat Focus Shooting class, taught by Jon Abel of Phoenix Firearms Training

Why? Well, for basically the same reasons I went to Front Sight

1. Convenience. The Combat Focus Shooting Empire is darn close to what I was talking about when I was talking about with the “Gunsite On Location“. The Combat Focus Shooting program is the first non-NRA firearms training program to take off nationwide, and if it’s a good class, I’d like to see it prosper.

2. Curiousity. Combat Focus shooting is the new hotness, with Rob Pincus showing up on Best Defense and Armed American Radio and SWAT TV and a whole of other places too. So is his course any good? 

3. Practice. Hey, what’s the worst that can happen? I put 1000-ish rounds downrange, and don’t get any better. Worst case, I spend two days shooting. 

4. Skepticism: Is the point shooting-esque stuff really useful? I like that Combat Focus Shooting starts off with the idea that you’ll be ambushed, as that’s more the most likely scenario for me. 

And there isn’t a whole lot of online reviews out there about Combat Focus shooting, so maybe I can be of service to others who are considering this class. 

My gear for the class with be the Smith and Wesson Shield (without the Apex Trigger), a Crossbreed MiniTuck and a double mag pouch for the Shield (yes, those things REALLY exist) from SDZ holsters.

Full review and AAR to follow on Monday.