Shot Show, Day One

Actually, this was just a half-day, as the drive up from the Valley took care of the morning.

You’re DARN RIGHT I went to the CZ-USA booth right away! This year, they had a couple of interesting products: A pump-action shotgun with interchangeable barrels (short defensive barrel and longer hunting barrel) at a price point that’s very competitive with the Mossberg Maverick. Looks like it could really establish CZ’s rep in the scattergun market.

Pistol-wse, they had two guns I was interested in: The full size polymer P09, with 19 round capacity,

CZ P09

And the P01 SDP. Not sure what that “SDP” means, but the durn thing sure is pretty.
Update: SDP mean’s it’s been worked over into a schweet carry gun, with a new hammer, trigger work and Hiene sights. *like*


And then it was over the Armscor/Rock Island booth. I’m intrigued by their new .22 TCM round, especially if they make an AR upper for it, but they’re known for their 1911’s, and their booth didn’t disappoint.

Rock Island Line

And a gadget that caught my eye. I’ma BIG fan of smartphone apps that make my life easier, and this little iScope gadget intrigues the HECK out of me. Look for more a more detailed review on this later.

Last stop on the journey was the Eversharp booth to have my CRKT Pazoda sharpened.

sharp sharpener

Short review: WOW. I can’t justify dropping $150 on a knife sharpener, but if your profession requires sharp knives, buy one now.