Product Review: Holster Works S+W Shield Mag Pouches

Smith and Wesson Shield Magazine PouchesAdvantages: Reasonably priced, solidly built, and readily available.

Disadvantages:  None that I can see.

Rating: 5 out of 5 

Yep, you read that right: Magazine pouches for the Smith and Wesson Shield, and from a local Arizona manufacturer, no less.

If you own a Shield, you’ve found out that because of it’s stack-and-a-half magazine, there aren’t a lot of belt accessories out for it yet. Fortunately, The Holster Works has Shield magazine pouches in a variety of styles and sizes, and I was able to snag a couple for review. 

No Frills

Packaging is pretty basic, but that’s ok. I’ll keep The Ceremony Of The Unboxing reserved for the Apple products I buy, and thank Holster Works for not using clamshell plastic.

First on the line is their single slip-on mag pouch. I’ve carried this on my hip for a couple of weeks now, and it’s comfortable, easy to hide and best of all, is easy to put on AFTER your belt is on. 

Shield Pouch

Tell me you’ve never dressed, clipped on your holster and gun, turned to check that you didn’t forget anything, and there’s your spare magazine in its pouch, sitting on the bed, silently mocking you. The pouch is, well, a magazine pouch. Out of the box, it held my mags a bit tight for my liking, but a twist o’ the Phillips later and it was right where I liked it. 

Paddle style

The double pouch is a paddle style. As a rule, I don’t like paddle holsters as I’ve found they tend to come off with the gun, but I ran this mag pouch through the first day of my Combat Focus Shooting class, and it did the job just fine. 


The pouch looks well-made and is solidly built, and this one came adjusted just how I liked it right out of the package. After 400 or so rounds through it, it’s working just fine. I’ll keep using it as my IDPA/training rig, and I’m very pleased with it so far, as I am with its companion piece. 

If you own a Shield and are wondering where the accessories for it are, here are two very functional, very inexpensive magazine pouches that will store your spare ammo where you want for when you need it the most. Based on my experience so far, I’d definitely recommend you give The Holster Works magazine pouches a try.