Am I Being Tactical Enough?

Ever have one of those moments where you’re all set to mock somebody’s idea into the ground, only to realize they have a point?

That was me on Friday.

I started reading this article on “Gear For The Bump In The Night” and thought to myself, “I’m not that ‘tactical’, there’s just no way I’d need all that stuff.

High speed, low drag

High speed, low drag

Does a police officer or soldier head out for their shift or mission with nothing more than a gun? Of course not, so why would we do the same thing when we are going into an unknown situation? We should be equipped to handle a variety of issues that could potentially arise. This is where having a general “equipment kit” or “shooting rig” would be a great benefit.

Most of us who are serious about firearms training have a ton of gear that we take to the range: modular belts, chest rigs, blow-out kits, and so on. This is gear that we (hopefully) practice with on a regular basis, so muscle memory and repetition have become ingrained through the use of that gear. While under stress and dealing with an actual self-defense scenario, why would we not want the same gear with us that we train with? 

My goal for that “bump in the night moment” isn’t to go all “Rapid Tactical Force”, create a one-man stack and clear my house: My goal is to get myself and my family into our safe room and wait for the cops to arrive.

Except that two-thirds of the way through that article, I realized I don’t have a first-aid kit inside the house that’s capable of dealing with a gunshot wound. I have one in the trunk of my car, but not one in the house, much less my safe room.


Given the way my home is set up and my self-defence plan, I’m most likely not going to carry a ton of stuff around with me in a home-invasion situation. But if the worst happens and I do need first aid, I’ll probably want something to patch people up near me, not in the trunk of my car.

I also realized that my competition gun has a shotshell holder on the receiver, and so does the Mossberg 500 I use to the keep the safe room safe. Is there a commonality of equipment and training there? You betcha, so there’s another point in favour of this article. I’m probably not going to suit up and carry all the stuff on that belt around with me, but all of it is things that should be NEAR you if God forbid you need them.