What are you saying here?

Consider this yard sign: BD0jw1lCMAAc31q.jpg-large

Cool, right? I mean, way to let the bad guys know you’re not to be messed with! If only in came with some rails on it, or maybe in Flat Dark Earth…


Let’s talk about what this (and those “I don’t dial 911, I dial .357” signs) actually say:

  1. “Hi, criminals. You know how you like to steal guns more than just about anything else? Well, there’s some in this house for you to take. Just wait until we leave, and they’re all yours!” 
  2. “I’m mad as hell that a New York newspaper printed a list of gun owner’s names and let the whole world know who has guns. This? This is something totally different, this is ME letting the whole world know I have guns!”
  3. “Here, Mr./Mrs. prosecuting attorney, let me make your job easier for you if I have to defend my life. Let me give you evidence that back up your claim that I’m a ‘trigger-happy gun nut’ and I was really, really looking forward to shooting to FINALLY somebody. You’re welcome.”And lastly, the letter on the bottom of that sign says,
  4. “I’ve been been trained at FrontSight, so I’m up-to-date on the latest self-defense techniques*.”

* And by “latest” I mean, “What was thought to be cool back in 1974, that is…”