See the shot before and after, not during

Copyright 2013 Kevin Creighton

Mexico Orphanage – Kevin Creighton

I spent ten years behind the camera lens, making photos for a bunch of different local and national clients. My style wasn’t in the Ansel Adams/Minor White contemplative, process-oriented large-format work. I was/am much more at home in the free-wheeling, fast-paced world of photojournalism, where you didn’t have the time to fiddle with your camera during the shoot: Either you were ready for the shot, or you weren’t.

Henri Cartier-Bresson is a hero to all photojournalists. His idea of “the decisive moment” is the foundation of modern photojournalism, and he used it to take some STUNNING photographs. 


Henri Cartier-Bresson, “Children playing by the Berlin Wall”, 1962

So what does this have to do with firearms? 

Consider this quote from the master of taking the shot at THE right moment

“Technique is not so important to me, but people and their activities are. Think about the photograph before and after, but not during. The secret is to take your time but also to be very quick”. 

Does that also apply to the shooting sports and personal defense? 

Oh yeah.