HAVA nice day

A reminder: Linoge has some cool, cool items in the Honored American Veterans Afield fundraiser he’s got going on, including this little tidbit he dropped last week

HAVA themselves donated four duffel bags (nice ones, at that) full of gunny gear to the giveaway, in addition to that rockin’ Baconmaker I announced over a week ago; I am not going to add those duffel bags to the prize selections until we break $1500 raised.

I will not tell you exactly what are in the bags, but I will do some name-drops: Surefire, Leupold, LaRue Tactical, Smith & Wesson. Likewise, I will also tell you that these bags are worth at least $125 from pricing things out on Amazon. Each. 

Kewl. Go over there and drop in a few shekels: The money you donate will do better things for America than funding Obama’s next round of golf.