The Ultimate in Feminine Protection

Indian Students Develop Anti-Rape Underwear With Electric Shocks” 

Following the violent gang-rape of a New Delhi woman last year that made international headlines, engineering students in India have created anti-rape underwear that they say will prevent sexual assault.

Called Society Harnessing Equipment, or SHE, the device will deliver up to 82 electric shocks of 3,800 kV to an attacker, according to The Times of India. To prevent the wearer from being shocked, SHE’s inner side is “insulated with a polymer,” according to creators Niladri Basu, Manisha Mohan and Rimpi Tripathy, students at SRM University, Chennai.

Well good. Of course, over here in the U.S., we’ve had something that women can wear under their clothes to prevent rape since 1911 or thereabouts. 

This is MY rape whistle

And it doesn’t need batteries, either.