Targets of Opportunity

One No Shoot

One of these things is not like the others…

How can we in the “civilian” world talk about integrating guns and empty-hand techniques in a “force continuum” when we don’t even have a target system that allows for a variety of responses?

We shoot at IPSC, IDPA, etc and practice with our firearms shooting at paper targets, and then throw punches and kicks at an entirely different type of target in the dojo.

Maybe we need a one-size fits all target, something that can respond to punch or a kick like a heavy bag and at the same time take a pistol or .223 round without requiring major surgery. Something like that will allow us to judge our responses by the target’s threat (or not) and not by what the target is made out of. We’re training ourselves to shoot paper and punch heavy-duty PVC, we need to think in terms of threat itself, not what the target is made out of.

The funny thing, I was sure that there was something like this out in the LEO/military world, but surprisingly, this was about the best I’ve found out there.

What are your thoughts? Is our choice of target dictating our type of response?