A Modern Day JMB

The question was asked over at Shelley’s Tim’s Gabby’s Caleb’s place: 

So, who would be on a Gun Nuts Mt. Rushmore? I’ll start with a given – John Moses Browning. 

My question is similar: It’s been 30 years or so since the Gaston Glock und Freunde came up with the 17 and kicked off the “wonder nine” revolution. Who’s been the most innovative and/or exciting designer since then? Who’s come up with the most innovative designs of the last three decades? 

My response: George Kellgren of InterTec/Kel-Tec. He kicked off the pocket .380 buying spree with the P3AT, has contenders in the pocket 9mm craze with the PF-9 and P11, and his long guns like the Sub2000, KSG and SU-16 all challenge the norms of firearms design. 

Who would you nominate as the most innovative designer of the post-Glock world?