Can't Tell One Horse From Another Without Yer Program

Now I’ll admit that I’m only an internet marketing genius and not a political marketing genius, but I am a recovering professional photographer, so I do know a thing or two about images. 

Consider this online ad for Illegal Mayors Against Guns which, thanks to the magic of behavioural targeting, keeps pooping up in ad banners as I surf the ‘net:


Oh boy, is the junior senator ever in for it now!

Or, you know, not. But let’s look at the ad itself for a bit. 

The key to an effective ad is knowing what the ad is about before you read the words. You should be able to tell what the product in question will do for you without having to read anything, because that affects us on an emotional, gut level that is far more effective and lasting than an intellectual level. 

Let’s look at that MAIG ad without the ad copy.


Based off the way those two look, you’d think the ad is about ulcer medication or a laxative, not gun confiscation. 

Hey, if MAIG wants to waste their money going after a pro-gun Senator in the most gun-friendly state in the nation, who am I to stop them? Better they spend their money here than in someplace where it might advance their anti-civil rights agenda.