Thinking About “Celebrity Top Shot”…

Now that “All Star” season of History Channel’s Top Shot has re-started the franchise, how about a Season Six with nothing but celebrities on it? The trick would be balancing the need to have people sequestered for a month while show tapes with getting people famous enough to be a draw for History. In short, no Angelina Jolie, no Brad Pitt.


But who else might have time on their hands and the passion for firearms to be ready, willing and able to step up to the firing line? 

My suggestions: 

Mark Wills 
Irlene Mandrell (Yes, THOSE Mandrells)
Joe Perry
Adam Baldwin
Gary Sinise
R. Lee Ermey
Alton Brown (Although the idea of him as host and current host Colby Donadlson as a contestant fills me with glee, considering how I’m a HUGE fan of Iron Chef … “Our secret ingredient today is… GLOCK 18!”)

Tom Selleck and Joe Mantegna are two other choices, but getting time off from a TV series isn’t easy. 

Okay, what are you celebrity Top Shot contestants?