Product Review: Elite Survival Systems Pocket Magazine Pouch

Advantages: Holds the magazine upright, lets go of it when needed.
Disadvantages: Adds to the bulk, takes up space in the pocket.
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

with magazineI prefer pocket carry for an office environment or other places where deep concealment is needed. I’ve used a bunch of different pocket holsters in the past and current use a DeSantis Superfly for my P3AT.

This takes care of storing the gun, but seeings how I usually carry a spare mag with me (along with a bunch of other things), I needed someplace to store spare ammo that was just as concealed as my pistol.

Enter the Elite Survival Systems Pocket Mag Pouch. It’s inexpensive (just ten bucks), looks and feels pretty well-made and fits my spare pistol mag like a glove. Because of it’s size, I probably wouldn’t recommend this pouch to someone with a pocket 9mm (unless the gun has a single-stack mag) and it definitely won’t work with a 1911 mag, but it does well with pocket .380 magazines.

snug fitThe pouch keeps my spare magazine in reasonably the same place most of the time, but more importantly, it keeps it upright and oriented the same way all of the time, making reloads a LOT faster.

The magazine fits nice and snugly into the pouch, but doesn’t snag or stick when I pull it free, and most importantly, it protects the magazine and spare ammo from getting dinged up by my keys, spare change and whatnot.

It also helps with keeping pocket lint out of the hollow part of my hollow points. Ask me how I know this..

All in all, the Elite Survival Systems Pocket Mag Pouch does what a mag pouch is supposed to do: It keeps your spare ammo safe and in the same spot, allowing you get it at it quickly if, God forbid, you need it in a hurry.