Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Yeah, it’s that time of year again, time to get dear ol’ Dad a Father’s Day gift. This year, why not skip the fish tie or aftershave and get something that a gun nut dad will really use and enjoy? If your dad is into something other then guns like woodworking then get him the best benchtop drill press

Some men are blessed with a life partner who likes to shoot, but I know that for a lot of spouses, the idea of going into a gun store my themselves is a scary thing. 

It’s ok. Going into a dress shop to by my wife something is scary for me, so I get it. It’s terra incognito, it’s a foreign land, it’s not your normal thing to do. Here’s a few suggestions for Father’s Day that don’t involve walking into a gun store and asking a bunch of stupid questions. 

Howard-Leight-R-01526-rw-37837-43087Ear Protection: There’s a bunch of low-cost, effective electronic earmuffs out there that filter out the loud BANG of the shot but allow for normal conversation when there’s no shooting going on. I like  Howard Leight R-1056’s because they offer a lot of protection for a very low cost, but look around and see what YOU think he’ll like. And if he already has a set, well, there’s always a backup.

21klrvLX-WLTools: While you CAN work on a firearm with normal tools, the fact is the work will go faster and quicker with a proper set of tools. Things like a hammer and punch set or allen wrench set are massively useful, but another gadget I found came in handy during a bout of recent firearms tinkering was a work light/magnifier. Guns are filled with tiny finicky parts, and having more light a clearer vision certainly helped everything go faster. 

Gift Certificates: Look, you can’t read his mind, and there may be a big difference between what he SAYS he wants and what he really wants. Just go to your local sporting goods store or online retailer and buy him a gift certificate. 

And if you use a little bit of creativity, I’m sure you can come up with more ideas.