Openly talking about open carry

Or, let’s all visit the drama llama petting zoo! 

First off, let me be frank: I’ve not always been a fan of open carry. I grew up in Canada, where carry of ANY kind was pretty much against the law, so seeing guns on people’s hips took some getting used to. 

But even though I don’t open carry very often, I support it. Why? 

  1. It makes concealed carry MUCH easier. Because of open carry, I don’t have to worry about “brandishing” or some other stupid crime because my carry gun peeked out from underneath my cover garment. 
  2. Open carry was made for the great outdoors. If I’m camping or hiking, I’ve got something with me to deal with four OR two-legged predators, and it’s just easier to carry openly when I’m outside. And I also use daypacks for hiking
  3. Political statements. Yep, that’s right, I open carry to make a stand for the Second Amendment, but rather than be confrontational about it, I open carry among friends, like at the Az. State Rifle And Pistol Association dinner

Remember, a nice person with a gun makes guns nice for everyone. A jerk with a pistol makes guns seem scary.