Why I live in the U.S.

Unlike most of my readers, I’m here by choice, not by birth. I left this comment on Facebook awhile ago in response to one of my fellow Canadians derision of America’s “gun culture”, and I think it sums up pretty well why I love the U.S. so much.

Having grown up in Alberta and residing now in the U.S., I’ve seen both sides of the issue. To Canadians, America’s gun culture makes no sense, but I spent a week up in Edmonton a few years ago during a recent murder spree, and I would have MUCH preferred to be walking around the city with the concealed carry pistol I left back in the States rather than hope that I wouldn’t get picked as The Victim Of The Week for some meth-head. 

What made the switch for me was my wife’s cousin, a drug user who served time on a manslaughter charge. He started to take what I thought was too much interest in my wife’s whereabouts, and given that he was 2m and 110kg (6’5″/220lbs) and had shown the will and ability to kill a human being in the past, I realized no bat, no club, no restraining order would stop him if he wanted to do us harm. 

Not a good position to be in. 

That got the ball rolling, because I realized that anything he started would be over and done with before the police could get there. Said cousin has since done the world a tremendous favour and offed himself, but the habit of being our own first responder was born then. Since that incident, we’ve installed an alarm, purchased a gun, a 9mm CZ75 (and WHOLE lot more since then -Ed.), and we both learned how to use it. 

I’ve lived under both Canada’s gun laws and the U.S.’s, and I know which I prefer. 

Happy 4th Of July.