More than a pistol, less than a rifle

Let’s say you’ve embraced the idea of a car gun, something to have near you but not on your person that is there to deal with things that need more oomph than your sidearm.

You’re thinking of something that’s more portable than a 14.5″ barreled AR-15 with a collapsible stock, so something that’s under 31″ in length and costs less than a lower and dedicated pistol-caliber upper. You also don’t want to fork over more tax money to the Feds then wait for them and your local lawmen to grant you permission to own a short-barrelled rifle. So what are your choices? 

  1. A folding-stock AK. I kinda like this option as it gives you a heck of a lot of firepower in a small package that won’t break the bank to own, plus it has a folding stock if you need to extend the fight out to past 50 yards.
  2. An AR-15 or AK pistol. Again, lots of firepower, but you’re limited in range with this option to about 50 yards or so, maybe more with a steady hand and a good red-dot sight. 
  3. A folding-stock shotgun. 00 Buck and slugs speak with a voice all their own. A shotgun has an edge on other guns in that it can be used against varmints and small game as easily as it can by used to knock down a charging grizzly, but ammo weight and mag capacity are limiting factors with a scattergun, plus 100 yards is pushing things for a slug shot. Also, because I prefer Mossbergs, finding a folding-stock that works with that receiver-mounted safety can be a challenge.
  4. A folding-stock pistol-caliber carbine. Another way of saying this is “The Kel-Tec Sub2000”, as that’s about the only folding-stock subgun out there right now (hint hint, Ruger). 
  5. A folding-stock AR-15. There’s the Kel-Tec SU-16C and I think a couple of other ones out there like the old Para TTR, but true folding-stock AR’s are pretty uncommon.

Considered, but eliminated due to length restrictions: Pistol-caliber lever guns, full-size shotguns.

So what would you carry around in your vehicle if you wanted more firepower than what your daily carry sidearm provides?