More thoughts on the Leatham Training Class.

  • I got my @$$ kicked by a girl
  • As I said, my CZ75 was 3″ off at 8 yards, and therefore not accurate enough for the class. 
  • Am I taking it into Angus’s shop next week to get that fixed? You betcha.
  • With my main gun out of the picture, I shot everything with my CZ P07, and you know what? It did great! Maybe it’s not the gun, it’s me…  

Almost everything I “know” about trigger control needs to be re-examined. I’ve always been told you want to “ride the reset”, i.e. press the trigger, have the gun go BANG and then hold onto the trigger on the way back until you feel or hear it reset. 

Like you’re going to hear that or feel that under match conditions. Uh-huh. 

Watch Rob’s trigger finger in this video. At about 0:09, you’ll see it come flying off the trigger after he takes the shot. 

The trick to accurate fire is a good trigger press. The trick to fast fire is doing everything else fast.