So what’s next?

To answer Bitter and Sebastian, what do I, personally, want for gun rights in my state in a post-Colorado recall world? A few more gun laws here in Arizona, that’s what. 

Let me explain. 

I can’t carry concealed in Nevada anymore because Arizona reduced the training requirements for CCW permits to a point where Nevada politicians don’t think that we ‘Zonies are a sufficiently trained to carry a concealed firearm in their state, but we ARE sufficiently trained to open-carry a firearm in their state. 

Yeah, I don’t get that either. 

Until we get nation-wide CCW reciprocity, I have to deal with the fact that Arizona’s gun laws are a little more free than the rest of the country’s laws, and so something that acknowledges the rest of the country is effed up would be nice. Until nation-wide CCW reciprocity is law, a one-day “Resident CCW for Outside of Arizona” class would be nice for us to have, with a certification that other “shall-issue” states can find as acceptable. Yeah, it sounds a little weird asking for more laws right after the Colorado Recall, but at least compliance to the law I’m talking about is voluntary and citizen-driven, and not top-down and oppressive, like what happened in Colorado.