The mainstreaming of survivalism continues

Check out this screenshot of a TV on the Senate floor during the kerfluffle at the White House last week: 


“Take your emergency supply kits or go kits…”

People in the Senate have go bags. Does it get anymore mainstream than that? 

So what’s in a government-approved go bag

Shelter-in-place essentials: Make provisions for staff and visitors in case it is impossible to leave the workplace for an extended period (such as during a chemical or radiological event). Essentials for this scenario:

  • Flashlights, a battery powered radio, and extra batteries.
  • A reserve of bottled water able to accommodate all employees present.
  • Non-perishable foods, like canned and dried goods, that require limited preparation.
  • A first aid kit with basic supplies.
  • Blankets in case of a loss of heat or for treating shock after injury.

Why does that sound SO familiar? Of course, because these are going to be used in the weapons-free paradises that are government buildings, blindingly obvious items like a knife or a fire source are conveniently forgotten, despite their necessity as survival tools.

But if the government is telling it’s workers to get prepared, you should be getting ready, too.