Yes, Jessie Duff shoots a Taurus in Production, and she shoots it rather well.

When the news broke last year that Jessie Duff was going to be sponsored by Taurus, reactions about how how Taurus guns would work in competition were at best skeptical. 

At worse, derisive. 

To be sure, when shooting Limited or Open, Jessie probably (definitely?) isn’t shooting a Taurus, but Single Stack or Production?

Tauruses. Or it is “Tauri”? 

I digress. 


USPSA Production Nationals are over, and so is my shooting season! I had a great time shooting production again for the first time in 5 years! I decided to go with the Taurus 24/7 OSS, and was so pleased with the gun, that I shot it right out of the box. No modifications whatsoever! The gun ran great and was a very competitive choice against the other production guns. I shot a good match myself, and came in 2nd Lady! 

Now I’m not going to rush out and trade in my CZ’s for a 24/7, but it’s good to know that Taurus is pulling itself up by it’s bootstraps and maybe, just maybe, starting to churn out a quality product.