Flogging MOLLE

diversion_bagSo it looks like the new hotness in gun bags is gun bags that don’t look like, you know, gun bags

Ok, why? 

Alright, if you live outside of America or in a bad neighborhood, I can understand why you wouldn’t want to walk out to your car with something that it looks like it fell out of the luggage compartment of special ops chopper. 

And if you’re a cop on undercover deployment, having a little (or a lotta) extra firepower in a bag that appears more at home at the batting range than the shooting range makes a lot of sense. 

But I live in America. And I’m not a cop. And I have exactly one piece of MOLLE gear, my get-home bag, and I love the fact it’s got MOLLE straps all over it


Why, you ask, do I love it, after I just spent two paragraphs talking about non-MOLLE bags? Because MOLLE is a great way to stick a lot of extra crap onto a bag to make it that bag more useful, and when you need it, there’s really no substitute for that sort of thing. 

I’m not talking about tacking on 100 extra magazine pouches onto your tactical vest, but things like adding a rip-away medical bag and a dump pouch are really, really useful if what you’re carry is on your back. Is it too “tactical-looking”? Does it make you stand out from the “civilians” in a SHTF situation? 

Maybe. But I’ll trade off the utility for the style, and what with camo being teh hotness for women and men’s fashion right now, a few extra straps on a backpack ain’t gonna keep me up at night.

And yeah, I’m going to hell for the pun in the title.